What to do before true love comes

Single ladies, young and old alike are looking for true love. We get excited and teary-eyed when watching romantic comedies. We daydream of wearing a beautiful white gown, walking down the aisle. For some, true love comes in their early twenties; the others, much later in life. But all need to wait for that one… Continue reading What to do before true love comes



“Children have one kind of silliness, as you know, and grown-ups have another kind.” ― C.S. Lewis My husband is the Kids Pastor in our church and though we have been married for only eleven months, we have approximately 300 kids and counting. :)) In a Kids Church service, kids always have snacks. Some will wait… Continue reading Marshmallow


Match made in Hollywood versus Match Made in Heaven

It’s 2:15 and I woke up and left my husband sleeping in bed, made a cup of hot chocolate and sat on our divan chair to write this blog. I missed blogging and it’s just funny that I’ve already been unemployed for more than a month, have been a housewife for three weeks now and… Continue reading Match made in Hollywood versus Match Made in Heaven


My Song for my Future Husband

Grabe...the Valentine's Day bug is in me! At ito...bago matapos ang araw...pahabol na post...Bwahahaha! I loooove the lyrics...makes me wanna song is dedicated to God-knows-who...and right now, he's I-don't-know-yet-who for me...but someday I'll know and I will just look back and say he's worth all the here I am, sometimes failing but by… Continue reading My Song for my Future Husband