Book Reviews

The Fruit and The Cross

Third of the twelve books I will review for 2018. It’s Women’s Month and before this month ends, I will review Lies Women Believe by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. This book talks about forty lies women believe about God, themselves, sin, marriage, emotions and their circumstances. Her goal is to open the eyes of women to… Continue reading The Fruit and The Cross


What it’s like to be married young

Before I begin, I’d like to qualify that I am describing a personal experience and not prescribing anything. Everyone has a different story. This happened to be ours. And I am blessed and grateful. I am sharing this because a lot of young couples are asking me what it’s like to be married young. I… Continue reading What it’s like to be married young

Book Reviews

Tissues and Trust Issues

I received a number of messages when I pulished my last blog about broken hearts. I realized so many hearts are broken nowadays. In my life, I have experienced a number of rejections in school, relationships, jobs. In each rejection, I have two things with me, tissues and trust issues. What I will share here… Continue reading Tissues and Trust Issues


The Dream and The Miracle

“You're something between a dream and a miracle,” poet Elizabeth Browning described her husband Robert. I can say nothing less now that I am in love and married to the man who was once a dream and was brought to me through a miracle. Just like any other dream, I thought it was not going to… Continue reading The Dream and The Miracle