The Carrot Seed by Crockett Johnson

From time to time, I will be featuring books from Before Five in A Row and Five in A Row curriculum. It's amazing how these books survived the test of time and became classics. Today the book we will look at is Crockett Johnson's The Carrot Seed. This is one of Macy’s favorite books, a… Continue reading The Carrot Seed by Crockett Johnson


The Perfect Dress

Whenever there is an occasion, may it be a wedding, a party or a prom, an average Jane looks for the a.k.a. ‘Perfect Dress.’ We rush to malls and survey the racks in search for the one that will catch our eye. That is us, women. Hands up! I read one quote that was apparently… Continue reading The Perfect Dress


The Dream and The Miracle

“You're something between a dream and a miracle,” poet Elizabeth Browning described her husband Robert. I can say nothing less now that I am in love and married to the man who was once a dream and was brought to me through a miracle. Just like any other dream, I thought it was not going to… Continue reading The Dream and The Miracle