Married for 58 years

Lola went home to the Lord on February 13, 2018. Last night, I asked Lolo what is the secret for staying together for 58 years. He said, “Bigayan lang. Pag masama pakiramdam ng isa, huwag mong sabayan. Kapag galit, ganun din. Bigayan lang at patawaran.” Give and take. Forgive. He went on to say that… Continue reading Married for 58 years


To the brokenhearted

February 14 is just a few days away. Some call it Valentines Day, the others Singles Awareness Day. However you call it, it’s a day about hearts. Hearts that are in love, hearts that are content and hearts that are broken. Any day of the year, hearts are broken when a lover leaves, a friend… Continue reading To the brokenhearted