Her Story: Icor Harder

I’ve been looking for inspiration to write another blog and I didn’t know she was right in front of me. Her name is Icor, short for Maria Corazon. I believe she was named well by her parents, her name means ‘a blessed heart.’ She is truly a blessed heart. I met her on a cold… Continue reading Her Story: Icor Harder


What to do before true love comes

Single ladies, young and old alike are looking for true love. We get excited and teary-eyed when watching romantic comedies. We daydream of wearing a beautiful white gown, walking down the aisle. For some, true love comes in their early twenties; the others, much later in life. But all need to wait for that one… Continue reading What to do before true love comes


The Dream and The Miracle

“You're something between a dream and a miracle,” poet Elizabeth Browning described her husband Robert. I can say nothing less now that I am in love and married to the man who was once a dream and was brought to me through a miracle. Just like any other dream, I thought it was not going to… Continue reading The Dream and The Miracle