Hugot Heneral

This is the last week of Heneral Luna in cinemas but its impact will always remain in our hearts. I watched it with my husband and I simply couldn’t watch the violent scenes. So thankful for his shoulder that I can bury my face in when guns are out and about. I really don’t know why but it must be because this film hits home. It speaks my language and the setting is my country. It feels so real. I have told my friends to watch the film for it is the best historical film I’ve watched to date but I also warned them that when they watch it, they will never be the same again. The film is brilliant in a lot of levels. I, like other bloggers, have been inspired by the film. There are many things I learned from the film. But these three sums them all.


  1. We have heroes among us. I have read Agoncillo’s reaction on General Antonio Luna. He said that one can’t call Luna a hero because he won no battle. I am no expert in history but I think that the very fact that he stepped up and led the Filipinos then makes him worthy to be a hero. I believe being a hero is not about winning, not even about surviving after a bloody encounter. Being a hero is about facing challenges, facing fears, no matter how difficult. I think what made Luna awesome was his belief in the Filipino people. Alam niya na kung magsasama-sama ang mga Pilipino, kaya ang lahat ng pagsubok. Ang sakit na kapwa Pilipino ang nag-aawa-away. HUGOT#1: “Kalaban ng kalaban. Kalaban ng kakampi.” The question is, how do you see our countrymen?
  2. There are no villains, just humans. Words from Jerrold Tarog, the brilliant mind behind Heneral Luna. What I loved about the film is the recollection that Luna had with his mother. There he looked very disturbed with the death of Rizal. HUGOT#2: ‘Naaalala mo ba?’ When I read about it, I found out that he was one of the people who told the authorities about Rizal. His brash behavior led to the execution of one of his friends. After that mistake, he stood up and fought for his country. We all make mistakes but what you do after the mistake speaks what you are really made of. You have a choice, learn from your mistakes or be defeated by them. You decide.
  3. Freedom has always been in our hands. A line that I loved in the film was when Luna said something like this: HUGOT#3: ‘Alam nilang ipaglalaban natin ang bayan natin dahil ipinaglaban din nila ang kanila. Anong kaibahan nila sa atin?’ Wow. that’s so true! Ano nga namang kaibahan nila sa atin? We can do what other countries can do. He believed and only a few believed with him. Ikaw, anong pinaniniwalaan mo?

Habang nanood ng pelikulag ito, ang naiisip ng mga tao kay Janolino ay, “Bakit di siya tumulong? Ano ba?” Pero tayo ba tumutulong? Are we doing our best in the profession and calling God has given us? What’s your part? My husband and I train the next generation for them to know God and their amazing destinies in Jesus Christ. I believe all of us as housewives, students, employees and so on have a valuable role. You are important. What you do matter.

Marami tayong gustong mangyari sa bansa natin – free healthcare,more jobs, better transportation, booming tourism, righteous government… the list goes on. Pero anong gagawin natin para mangyari ang mga ito? Some of our countrymen will simply complain and blame the government. Truth is, the government can only do so much. But if some of us will be brave enough to be today’s heroes and trust God for the outcome, then nothing will be impossible for our country.

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