Her Story: Icor Harder

Icor Harder (September 6, 1968 - December 13, 2012)
Icor Harder (September 6, 1968 – December 13, 2012)

I’ve been looking for inspiration to write another blog and I didn’t know she was right in front of me. Her name is Icor, short for Maria Corazon. I believe she was named well by her parents, her name means ‘a blessed heart.’ She is truly a blessed heart. I met her on a cold Friday night when Pastor Dan was first introduced in the Youth Service. She introduced herself to me and asked me about me. It was funny because even then I saw that she wasn’t full of herself but always thinks of how the other person would feel important. I was blessed to have seen her a couple of times afterwards and everytime she would give a sweet smile and would sit beside me and talk with me. She has this way of making a person feel important. She sees a person’s worth beyond what the eye can see. She makes each friendship deep and would love unconditionally. She showed us that we can make each moment worthwhile by loving. She prays a lot and encourages everyone to pray, really pray. She lives everyday like there’s no tomorrow. She does everything she can for today and never procrastinates. She always reasons that it’s never to early to do something. She did all that she wants to do: to be a wedding coordinator, a small group leader, to start a school, to finish her Masters, to join theater plays, to marry and have a baby. She is determined to live life as God would want her to – with so much joy, hope and love and with no regrets.

When her diagnosis came, she brought the news with so much faith and hope. She didn’t cower at the thought of cancer. I thought she would tell a lot of people about it but instead she made us swear not to tell anyone about it but simply pray with her and so we did. She never complained, she just prayed. She was not afraid of death because she gave her life to Christ and knows where she’s going after death.

In spite of her condition, she faced life with so much joy and love. She would still text us prayers and verses and would still lead a small group. She invites us to her house, prepares merienda and talks about how faithful God is while wearing a neck brace. Yes, a neck brace. Portions of her bones were eaten by cancer cells. She had to wear a neck brace for support but her spirit is so strong and she will never stop serving God. During her husband’s birthday, our group even prepared a simple party for him and when she felt that we had no one to talk to in the party, she shoved us aside and served us herself. She talked to us and asked us how we are and how we felt at that time. She did all these while wearing her usual neck brace. She showed me that it’s really possible to love the way Jesus did – selfless. Her body was failing but her spirit was soaring.

With Kuya Dan and Ate Icor (c. 2009)
With Kuya Dan and Ate Icor (c. 2009)

Tonight, we celebrated her life. She loved and worshipped God with all that she is until her last breath. She was 44. She is now with Jesus, the One she loves most. I will miss her. I will never forget her.

6 thoughts on “Her Story: Icor Harder”

  1. Icor was one of my besties in college. I was surprised to know that she passed away, on a thread on Facebook. I immediately contacted our friends and they knew nothing about her passing away.
    Thank you for sharing Icor’s story. I could imagine her smile with her eyes twinkle…. I wish I could have talked to her or meet up with her during my last visit to the Philippines. But then again, she’s in a better place now.
    Rest in peace Icor, rest in peace.

    1. Hi Ms. Malou, it’s my privilege po to share her story. I’m sure she’s happy with Jesus now. We’re both so blessed to have met such a woman. 🙂

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