The night before the shootout in Robinsons Galleria, my husband and our friends Karen and Anne attended the Victory Kids meeting in our center in the same mall. Something happened to our car and the engine didn’t start. Guards helped my husband without asking for anything in return.

The next day, our hearts were broken when we heard the news about the shootout in Robinsons Galleria. Though my husband didn’t know the names of the guards who helped him the night before, it pains to know that good people were hurt because of someone else’s greed.

I’m writing to encourage all of you to be good to the guards you encounter day by day. They are the most taken-for-granted people but they will be the ones who will die protecting you. Think about it. Be kind to them. Say thank you from time to time. They are blessings to you that you fail to recognize.

Cops establish a police line outside the Ortigas Avenue
entrance of Robinsons Galleria following a robbery incident
inside the mall on Thursday. (photo from DZMM Facebook)

So when you see your Kuya Guard or Manong, smile, thank them and pray for them.


2 thoughts on “Guards”

  1. Thanks for this blog sweetheart…makes me appreciate sina kuya guards, egsis at mga manongs…How can I live without you Sweet?..Thanks for your wisdom.:)

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