I have just reviewed the blogs I have written the past few years. I smiled, cried and laughed at myself when I read what I have written. One caught my attention though, it’s the entry: ‘Oh, to be a Bride again.’ This was the blog I wrote a month after our wedding day. When my husband and I met Sam Milby and Jessy Mendiola, they asked us if we really went through everything that was written in the script. We nodded and said, ‘Yes and even worse.’ We used rolls of tissues and we spent hours praying for things to be better. We upset our families one way or another. During the time I wrote the blog, I can’t even look at the smiles I gave the cameras frozen in photographs. I simply want to be in a cold place.

Now, Noel and I reflect on how God turned sad things to beautiful things. He’s famous for ‘turning mourning into dancing,’ and that’s exactly how He moved in our midst. I wasn’t able to write about it here but during the time I was watching the wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, my father sat beside me and told me he loves me. He assured me that I am important to him. I said sorry. He also said sorry. We forgave each other. We embraced and cried. Our relationship was restored. Noel’s family does not talk much but we all decided to forgive and forget. What was supposed to destroy our relationship with our families, God used to strengthen us.

Actually, looking back, He did the same when infidelity almost destroyed our family. When finances were low, He provided for us. He truly is a great God. My family is very happy to have shared their story in MMK. My mom said, “People should know that there’s hope after infidelity.” I personally believe that whatever ugly happens in our lives, He makes it beautiful. Whatever the Enemy designed to destroy us, God will thwart to protect and prosper us in every way. That’s the God I serve. I am very proud of Him.

This is my family. If you have watched our wedding video, the little boy in this picture, my pamangkin, was that baby. 🙂

As I remember the problems Noel and I faced, I smile. He was there. God never left us (Deutoronomy 31:6). He was listening to our prayers (Psalm 66:19). He was crying with us. He was praying for us (Romans 8:34b). Honestly, we did nothing. All we did was hold on to Him. Two desperate humans holding the hands of an infinite God. That was what pulled us through – faith. Without faith, there’s no hope.

I believe my life will never be enough to thank You, my Lord.

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